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Our investigations were focused on energy metabolism, on the significance of antioxidative systems under anoxia followed by postanoxia, and on the lipid composition, stability and functioning of membranes and organelles under the same conditions. In order to test our hypothesis, we made use of manipulated dryland plants and of the comparison between wetland and dryland species.


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Prof. em. Dr. Roland Brändle

e-mail Roland.Braendle@ips.unibe.ch

  • Properties of mitochondrial permeability transition (MPT) in plants
  • Membrane lipids and significance of N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine (NAPE) under stress (e.g. anoxia/postanoxia)
  • Rawyler A. and Brändle R.
    N-acylphosphatidylethanolamine accumulation in potato cells upon energy shortage caused by anoxia or respiratory inhibitors
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  • Arpagaus S. and Brändle R.
    The significance of alfa-amylase under anoxia in tolerant rhizomes (Acorus calamus L. ) and non-tolerant tubers (Solanum tuberosum L., var. Désirée).
    J Exp Bot 51 (349) 1475-1477. Reprint

  • Pavelic D. Arpagaus S. Rawyler A. and Brändle R.
    Impact of post-anoxia stress on membrane lipids of anoxia-pretreated potato cells: a re-appraisal
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  • Oberson, J., Pavelic, D., Braendle, R., Rawyler, A.
    Nitrate increases membrane stability of potato cells under anoxia
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  • Rawyler, A., Pavelic, D., Gianinazzi, Ch., Oberson, J. and Brändle, R.
    Membrane Lipid Integrity Relies on a Threshold of ATP Production Rate in Potato Cell Cultures Submitted to Anoxia
    Plant Physiol 120 (1) 293-300. Reprint

  • Tadege, M., Brändle, R., and Kuhlemeier, C.
    Anoxia tolerance in tobacco roots: effect of overexpression of pyruvate decarboxylase
    Plant J. 14 327-335. Reprint

List of publications
further publication
  • Brunold, Ch., Rüegsegger, A. und Brändle, R., Hrsg. 1996
    Stress bei Pflanzen, UTB, P. Haupt-Verlag, Bern-Stuttgart-Wien, 407 pp.