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Publication 2020

Publication 2019

  • Feller, U; Anders, I; Wei, S
    Distribution and redistribution of 109Cd and 65Zn in the heavy metal hyperaccumulator solanum nigrum L.: Influence of cadmium and zinc concentrations in the root medium
    Plants: 8 (9) 340 SEP 2019 Open Access

Publications 2018

  • Feller, U; Kopriva, S; Vassileva, V
    Plant Nutrient Dynamics in Stressful Environments: Needs Interfere with Burdens
    Agriculture: 8 (8) 97 AUG 2018 Open Access

  • Henne, PD; Bigalke, M; Büntgen, U; Colombaroli, D; Conedera, M; Feller, U; Frank, D; Fuhrer, J; Grosjean, M; Heiri, O; Luterbacher, J; Mestrot, A; Rigling, A; Rössler, O; Rohr, C; Rutishauser, T; Schwikowski, M; Stampfli, A; Szidat, S; Theurillat, JP; Weingartner, R; Wilcke, W; Tinner, W
    An empirical perspective for understanding climate change impacts in Switzerland
    Regional Environmental Change: 18 (1) 205–221 AUG 2018

Publication 2017

Publications 2016

  • Simova-Stoilova L; Kirova, E; Zehirov, G; Vaseva, I; Feller, U
    Aminopeptidase activities in roots and leaves of drought stressed winter wheat seedlings
    Genetics and Plant Physiology 6 (3-4): 116-134 DEC 2016 Open Access

  • Feller, U
    Drought stress and carbon assimilation in a warming climate: Reversible and irreversible impacts
    Journal of Plant Physiology 203: 84-94 SEP 2016

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Vassileva, V; Feller, U
    Selection and Breeding of Suitable Crop Genotypes for Drought and Heat Periods in a Changing Climate: Which Morphological and Physiological Properties Should Be Considered?
    Agriculture 6: 26 JUN 2016 Open access

  • Page, V; Feller, U
    Light intensity selectively influences the distribution and further redistribution of macro- and micronutrients in hydroponically grown wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
    Journal of Plant Nutrition 39 (3): 428-437 FEB 2016

Publications 2015

  • Page, V; Feller, U
    Heavy Metals in Crop Plants: Transport and Redistribution Processes on the Whole Plant Level
    Agronomy 5 (3): 447-463 SEP 2015 Open Access

  • Feller, U; Anders, I; Wei, S
    Effects of PEG-Induced Water Deficit in Solanum nigrum on Zn and Ni Uptake and Translocation in Split Root Systems
    Plants 4 (2): 284-297 JUN 2015 Open Access

  • Prechsl, UE; Burri, S; Gilgen, AK; Kahmen, A; Buchmann, N
    No shift to a deeper water uptake depth in response to summer drought of two lowland and sub-alpine C3-grasslands in Switzerland
    Oecologia 177 (1): 97-111 JAN 2015

Publications 2014

Publications 2013

Publications 2012

  • Vaseva, I; Akiscan, Y; Simova-Stoilova, L; Kostadinova, A; Nenkova, R; Anders, I; Feller, U; Demirevska, K
    Antioxidant response to drought in red and white clover 
    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 34 (5): 1689-1699 SEP 2012

  • Vicca, S; Gilgen, AK; Serrano, MC; Dreesen, FE; Dukes, JS; Estiarte, M; Gray, SB; Guidolotti, G; Hoeppner, SS; Leakey, ADB; Ogaya, R; Ort, DR; Ostrogovic, MZ; Rambal, S; Sardans, J; Schmitt, M; Siebers, M; van der Linden, L; van Straaten, O; Granier, A
    Urgent need for a common metric to make precipitation manipulation
    experiments comparable
    New Phytologist 195 (3): 518-522 AUG 2012

  • Grigorova, B; Vassileva, V; Klimchuk, D; Vaseva, I; Demirevska, K; Feller, U
    Drought, high temperature, and their combination affect ultrastructure of chloroplasts and mitochondria in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) leaves 
    Journal of Plant Interactions 7 (3): 204-213 AUG 2012

  • Gilgen, A
    Drought effects in Swiss grassland systems under changing climate
    ProClim-Flash 54: 15 JUN 2012

  • Page, V; Blösch, RM; Feller, U
    Regulation of shoot growth, root development and manganese allocation in wheat (Triticum aestivum) genotypes by light intensity
    Plant Growth Regulation 67 (3): 209-215 JUN 2012

  • Vassileva, V; Demirevska, K; Simova-Stoilova, L; Petrova, T; Tsenov, N; Feller, U
    Long-Term Field Drought Affects Leaf Protein Pattern and Chloroplast Ultrastructure of Winter Wheat in a Cultivar-Specific Manner 
    Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science 198 (2): 104-117 APR 2012

  • Signarbieux, C; Feller, U
    Effects of an extended drought period on physiological properties of grassland species in the field 
    Journal of Plant Research 125 (2): 251-261 MAR 2012

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Demirevska, K; Kingston-Smith, A; Feller, U
    Involvement of the leaf antioxidant system in the response to soil flooding in two Trifolium genotypes differing in their tolerance to waterlogging 
    Plant Science 183: 43-49 FEB 2012

Publications 2011
Publications 2010
  • Galle, A; Esper, J; Feller, U; Ribas-Carbo, M; Fonti, P
    Responses of wood anatomy and carbon isotope composition of Quercus pubescens saplings subjected to two consecutive years of summer drought
    Annals of Forest Science 67 (8): Art. No. 809 DEC 2010

  • Vaseva, II; Grigorova, BS; Simova-Stoilova, LP; Demirevska, KN; Feller, U
    Abscisic acid and LEA profile changes in winter wheat under progressive drought stress
    Plant Biology 12 (5): 698-707 SEP 2010

  • Zeeman, MJ; Hiller, R; Gilgen, AK; Michna, P; Plüss, P; Buchmann, N; Eugster, W
    Management and climate impacts on net CO2 fluxes and carbon budgets of three grasslands along an elevational gradient in Switzerland
    Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 150 (4): 519–530 APR 2010

  • Joos, O; Hagedorn, F; Heim, A; Gilgen, AK; Schmidt, MWI; Siegwolf, RTW; Buchmann, N
    Summer drought reduces total and litter-derived soil CO2 effluxes in temperate grassland - clues from a 13C litter addition experiment
    Biogeosciences 7 (3): 1031-1041 MAR 2010

  • Reynolds-Henne, CE; Langenegger, A; Mani, J; Schenk, N; Zumsteg, N; Feller, U
    Interactions between temperature, drought and stomatal opening in legumes
    Environmental and Experimental Botany 68 (1): 37–43 MAR 2010

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Vaseva, I; Grigorova, B; Demirevska, K; Feller, U 
    Proteolytic activity and cysteine protease expression in wheat leaves under severe soil drought and recovery
    Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 48 (2-3): 200-206 FEB-MAR 2010

  • Gilgen, AK; Signarbieux, C; Feller, U; Buchmann, N
    Competitive advantage of Rumex obtusifolius L. might increase in intensively managed temperate grasslands under drier climate
    Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 135 (1-2): 15–23 JAN 2010

Publications 2009
  • Page, V; Schwitzguébel, JP
    Metabolism of sulphonated anthraquinones in rhubarb, maize and celery: the role of cytochromes P450 and peroxidases
    Plant Cell Reports 28 (11): 1725-1735 NOV 2009

  • Page V; Schwitzguébel, JP
    The role of cytochromes P450 and peroxidases in the 
    detoxification of sulphonated anthraquinones by rhubarb and common sorrel plants cultivated under hydroponic conditions
    Environmental Science and Pollution Research 16 (7): 805-816 NOV 2009

  • Gilgen, AK; Buchmann, N 
    Response of temperate grasslands at different altitudes to simulated summer drought differed but scaled with annual precipitation
    Biogeosciences 6 (11): 2525-2539 NOV 2009

  • Demirevska, K; Zasheva, D; Dimitrov, R; Simova-Stoilova, L; Stamenova, M; Feller, U 
    Drought stress effects on Rubisco in wheat: changes in the Rubisco large subunit
    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 31 (6): 1129-1138 NOV 2009

  • Reynolds-Henne, CE; Saurer, M; Siegwolf, RTW
    Temperature versus species-specific influences on the stable oxygen isotope ratio of tree rings
    Trees - Structure and Function 23 (4): 801-811 AUG 2009

  • Vassileva, V; Simova-Stoilova, L; Demirevska, K; Feller, U 
    Variety-specific response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) leaf mitochondria to drought stress
    Journal of Plant Research 122 (4): 445-454 JUL 2009

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Demirevska, K; Petrova, T; Tsenov, N; Feller, U 
    Antioxidative protection and proteolytic activity in tolerant and sensitive wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties subjected to long-term field drought
    Plant Growth Regulation 58 (1): 107-117 MAY 2009

Publications 2008
  • Signarbieux, C; Feller, U.
    Effects of an extended drought period on grasslands at various altitudes in Switzerland: A field study, 
    inPhotosynthesis. Energy from the Sun. 14th International Congress on Photosynthesisedited by: Allen, J. F., Gantt, E., Golbeck, J. H., and Osmond, B., Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands, 1371–1374, 2008

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Demirevska, K; Petrova, T; Tsenov, N; Feller, U
    Antioxidative protection in wheat varieties under severe recoverable drought at seedling stage
    Plant Soil Environment 54 (12): 529-536 DEC 2008 Fulltext

  • Demirevska, K; Simova-Stoilova, L; Vassileva, V; Feller, U
    Rubisco and some chaperone proteins responses to water stress and rewatering at early seedling growth of drought sensitive and tolerant wheat varieties. 
    Plant Growth Regulation 56 (2): 97–106 NOV 2008

  • Feller, U; Anders, I; Demirevska, K 
    Degradation of rubisco and other chloroplast proteins under abiotic stress
    General and Applied Plant Physiology 34 (1-2): 5-18 OCT 2008

  • Weisskopf, L; Le Bayon, RC; Kohler, F; Page, V; Jossi, M; Gobat, JM; Martinoia, E; Aragno, M 
    Spatio-temporal dynamics of bacterial communities associated with two plant species differing in organic acid secretion: A one-year microcosm study on lupin and wheat
    Soil Biology & Biochemistry 40 (7): 1772-1780 JUL 2008

  • Jasinski, M; Sudre, D; Schansker, G; Schellenberg, M; Signarbieux, C; Martinoia, E; Bovet, L
    AtOSA1, a Member of the Abc1-Like Family, as a New Factor in Cadmium and Oxidative Stress Response
    Plant Physiology 147 (2): 719-731 JUN 2008

  • Aubry, S; Mani, J; Hörtensteiner, S
    Stay-green protein, defective in Mendel's green cotyledon mutant, acts independent and upstream of pheophorbide a oxygenase in the chlorophyll catabolic pathway
    Plant Molecular Biology 67 (3): 243-256 JUN 2008

  • Haldimann, P; Galle, A; Feller, U
    Impact of an exceptionally hot dry summer on photosynthetic traits in oak (Quercus pubescens) leaves
    Tree Physiology 28 (5): 785-795 MAY 2008

  • Feller, U; Anders, I; Mae, T
    Rubiscolytics: fate of Rubisco after its enzymatic function in a cell is terminated
    Journal of Experimental Botany 59 (7):1615-1624 MAY 2008

Publications 2007
  • Schenk, N; Schelbert, S; Kanwischer, M; Goldschmidt, EE; Dörmann, P; Hörtensteiner, S
    The chlorophyllases AtCLH1 and AtCLH2 are not essential for senescence-related chlorophyll breakdown in Arabidopsis thaliana
    Febs Letters 581 (28): 5517-5525 Nov 2007

  • Galle, A; Feller, U 
    Changes of photosynthetic traits in beech saplings (Fagus sylvatica) under severe drought stress and during recovery 
    Physiologia Plantarum 131 (3): 412-421 NOV 2007

  • Feller, U
    Stomatal opening at elevated temperature: an underestimated regulatory mechanism? 
    General and Applied Plant Physiology 32 (1): 19-31 NOV 2007

  • Parrott, DL; McInnerney, K; Feller, U; Fischer AM 
    Steam-girdling of barley (Hordeum vulgare) leaves leads to carbohydrate accumulation and accelerated leaf senescence, facilitating transcriptomic analysis of senescence-associated genes 
    New Phytologist 176 (1): 56-69 OCT 2007

  • Sekhara, RDMR; Schorderet, M; Feller, U; Reinhardt, D
    A petunia mutant affected in intracellular accommodation and morphogenesis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Plant Journal 51 (5): 739-750 SEP 2007

  • Grigorova, B; Vasseva, I; Demirevska, K; Feller, U
    Effect of combined drought and heat stress on heat shock proteins in wheat varieties
    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 29 (Suppl.)S63-S63 AUG 2007

  • Simova-Stoilova, L; Demirevska, K; Petrova, T; Tsenov, N; Feller, U
    The response of four winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties to field water deficit: leaf anti-oxidative protection and proteolytic activity 
    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 29 (Suppl.)S109-S109 AUG 2007

  • Thoenen, M; Herrmann, B; Feller, U
    Senescence in wheat leaves: is a cysteine endopeptidase involved in the degradation of the large subunit of Rubisco?
    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 29 (4): 339-350 AUG 2007

  • Galle, A; Haldimann, P; Feller, U.
    Photosynthetic performance and water relations in young pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens) trees during drought stress and recovery.
    New Phytologist 174 (4): 799 Jun 2007

  • Harpaz-Saad, S; Azoulay, T; Arazi, T; Ben-Yaakov, E; Mett, A; Shiboleth, YM; Hörtensteiner, S; Gidoni, D; Gal-On, A; Goldschmidt, EE; Eyal, Y
    Chlorophyllase is a rate-limiting enzyme in chlorophyll catabolism and is posttranslationally regulated 
    Plant Cell 19 (3): 1007-1022 MAR 2007

  • Kim, DY; Bovet, L; Maeshima, M; Martinoia, E; Lee, Y
    The ABC transporter AtPDR8 is a cadmium extrusion pump conferring heavy metal resistance
    Plant Journal 50 (2): 207-218 APR 2007

  • Armstead, I; Donnison, I; Aubry, S; Harper, J; Hörtensteiner, S; James, C; Mani, J; Moffet, M; Ougham, H; Roberts, L; Thomas, A; Weeden, N; Thomas, H; King I
    Cross-Species Identification of Mendel's I Locus
    Science 315: 73 JAN 2007

  • Pružinská, A; Anders, I; Aubry, S; Schenk, N; Tapernoux-Lüthi, E; Müller, T; Kräutler, B; Hörtensteiner, S
    In Vivo Participation of Red Chlorophyll Catabolite Reductase in Chlorophyll Breakdown
    Plant Cell 19 (1): 369-387 JAN 2007
Publications 2006 Publications 2005
  • Demirevska-Kepova, K; Holzer, R; Simova-Stoilova, L; Feller, U
    Heat stress effects on ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase, Rubisco binding protein and Rubisco activase in wheat leaves
    Biologia Plantarum, 49 (4): 521-525 DEC 2005

  • Bovet, L; Feller, U; and Martinoia, E
    Possible involvement of plant ABC transporters in cadmium detoxification: a cDNA sub-microarray approach
    Environment International 31 (2), 263-267 FEB 2005

  • Pružinská, A; Tanner, G; Aubry, S; Anders, I; Moser, S; Müller, T; Ongania, KH; Kräutler, B; Youn, JY; Liljegren, SJ; Hörtensteiner, S
    Chlorophyll breakdown in senescent Arabidopsis leaves. Characterization of chlorophyll catabolites and of chlorophyll catabolic enzymes involved in the degreening reaction
    Plant Physiology, 139 (1): 52-63 SEP 2005

  • Page V; Feller, U
    Selective Transport of Zinc, Manganese, Nickel, Cobalt and Cadmium in the Root System and Transfer to the Leaves in Young Wheat Plants
    Annals of Botany, 96 (3): p. 425-434 September 2005

  • Santelia, D; Vincenzetti, V; Azzarello, E; Bovet, L; Fukao, Y; Duchtig, P; Mancuso, S; Martinoia, E; Geisler, M
    MDR-like ABC transporter AtPGP4 is involved in auxin-mediated lateral root and root hair development
    FEBS Letters, 579 (24): 5399-5406 OCT 10 2005

  • Riesen, O; Feller, U
    Redistribution of nickel, cobalt, manganese, zinc, and cadmium via the phloem in young and maturing wheat
    Journal of Plant Nutrition28 (3) 421-430 March 2005

  • Haldimann, P; Feller, U
    Growth at moderately elevated temperature alters the physiological response of the photosynthetic apparatus to heat stress in pea (Pisum sativum L.) leaves
    Plant Cell and Environment, 28 (3): 302-317

Publications 2004 Publications 2003
  • Adriana Pruzinská, Gaby Tanner, Iwona Anders, Maria Roca, and Stefan Hörtensteiner
    Chlorophyll breakdown: Pheophorbide a oxygenase is a Rieske-type iron-sulfur protein, encoded by the accelerated cell death 1 gene 
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 100 (25), 15259-15264 [pdf]

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  • Minder S; Feller U
    Dynamics of sodium-22 and cesium-134 in young wheat plants
    JOURNAL OF PLANT NUTRITION 2003, Vol 26, Iss 4, pp 731-744.

  • Bovet L; Eggmann T; Meylan-Bettex M; Polier J; Kammer P; Marin E; Feller U; Martinoia E
    Transcript levels of AtMRPs after cadmium treatment: induction of AtMRP3
    PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT 2003, Vol 26, Iss 3, pp 371-381.

Publications 2002
  • Hörtensteiner, S., Feller, U.: 
    Nitrogen metabolism and remobilization during senescence. 
    J. Exp. Bot., 53, 927-937.

  • Wälti, M., Roulin, S., Feller, U.
    Effects pf pH, light and temperature on (1,3, 1, 4)-ß-glucanase stability in wheat leaves. 
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  • Henriques, R., Jasik, J., Klein, M., Martinoia, E., Feller, U., Schnell, J., Pais, M.S., Koncz, C.: 
    Knock-out of Arabidopsis metal transporter gene IRT1 results in iron deficiency accompanied by cell differentiation defects. 
    Plant Mol. Biol., 50 (4): 587-597.

Publications 2001
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Publications 2000
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Publications 1999
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Publications 1998
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Publications 1997
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Publications 1996
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Prof. Urs Feller

Prof. em. Dr. Urs Feller

e-mail feller@ips.unibe.ch

 Research Focus Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition

The integration of processes on the subcellular level in the physiology of the whole plant was an important aspect of our research. Biochemical investigations with isolated organelles (e.g. chloroplasts) and field experiments with intact crop plants represent complementary approaches to elucidate the regulatory network. The redistribution of nutrients and assimilates is relevant for an efficient use of nutrients by crop plants and for the quality of plant products.

Details of our work during the past few years are documented in the publications.

Protein Metabolism

Reduced nitrogen in mesophyll cells of C3-plants is present mainly in the chloroplasts and stromal proteins represent the most relevant nitrogen fraction within the chloroplasts. Proteins cannot be exported as such via the phloem and must therefore be degraded prior to the export of this nitrogen from leaves to other parts of the same plant.

Metal Transport

The mobility of nutrients, assimilates and pollutants in the phloem varies in a wide range. Radionuclides are often used to investigate transport processes on the whole plant level.

Physiological limitations at elevated temperatures and under drought

On the level of individual plants, climate factors (temperature, CO2 concentration in the ambient air, water relations) influence growth and productivity in a complex manner. Photosynthesis, nutrient and assimilate allocation as well as the senescence pattern are affected by the climate. Such effects may influence the competition between species in a natural population and the productivity of crop plants.