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Plant Ecology


Ongoing bachelor/MSc projects in the Plant Ecology Group

Joël Baumann
Land use and plant beta diversity on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
MSc project

Sebastian Keller
Evolutionary ecology of Plantago lanceolata: insights from German grasslands
MSc project

Patrick Nater
Global change effects on plant-plant interactions in alpine environment
MSc project

Matthias Berlinger
Endozoochorous dispersal of mosses by gastropods?
Bachelor project

Pius Winiger
Effects of pollen diversity on plant fitness in relation to population size
MSc project

Fischer Lab

Prof. Markus Fischer

Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer

University of Bern, Plant Sciences
Altenbergrain 21
CH-3013 Bern
phone +41 31 631 4943
fax +41 31 631 4942

e-mail Markus.Fischer@ips.unibe.ch
internet http://www.botany.unibe.ch/planteco