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Vegetation Ecology

Tropical Rain Forest Ecology
Chair in Vegetation Ecology
Prof. David M. Newbery

Within a frame of inquiry into vegetation ecology in general, my principal
interests lie with tropical rain forest ecology and ecosystems.

Particular emphasis is placed upon:

  • structure, phenology and dynamics of woody vegetation
  • ecosystem and community processes
  • nutrient cycling and water relations in trees
  • quantitative, statistical methods of analysis and modeling

My other major concern is with:

  • theory and philosophy of science in vegetation ecology

Synopsis [pdf, 13 KB]


Prof. Dr. David M. Newbery

University of Bern
Altenbergrain 21
CH-3013 Bern
phone +41 31 631 88 15
fax +41 31 631 49 42
e-mail david.newbery@ips.unibe.ch
internet http://www.botany.unibe.ch/

Office: 71 (1st floor)