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Prof. em. Dr. Chr. Brunold

e-mail Christian.Brunold@ips.unibe.ch
internet http://www.botany.unibe.ch/emeriti/sulfur.php

The research of our group was in the field of the regulation, localization and metabolic engineering of sulfate assimilation and glutathione synthesis. We used Arabidopsis thaliana, potato and maize as plant material. Our special interest was in regulatory aspects during stress situations like cold, heavy metal, herbicides or air pollutants and during increased demand for the synthesis of sulfur rich storage proteins. Our experiments showed that plants are able to cope with different stress situations by increasing there glutathione production. This tripeptide is involved in the detoxification of heavy metals and herbicides by forming phytochelatins and glutathione conjugates, respectively. Glutathione also protects plants in conditions of oxidative stress. For increasing the production of glutathione plants increase the flux through assimilatory sulfate reduction for synthesising higher amounts of cysteine, one of the amino acids of glutathione. Our analysis aimed at determining changes in mRNA, enzyme protein, enzyme activity and fluxes under this condition.
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