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Int. Moor Excursion
The IME was established by Prof. Gerhard Lang in 1976 with the aim to discuss new PhD results at the paleoecological study sites in the landscape

Prof. Gerhard Lang was chair-holder of Geobotany and Vegetation History at the University of Bern. At that time moors (fens, mires, bogs) were in the centre of research, which explains the original German name of IME (Moorexkursion). Since the 1980s the IME has turned its attention to include lakes and other natural archives of environmental, climatic and cultural change (including archaeological sites). Prof. Gerhard Lang’s project was continued and extended to its today’s style by Prof. Brigitta Ammann, who took over the chair of Geobotany and Paleoecology at University of Bern in 1990.

Convenor Organizers Place Year Participants (approx.)
W. Tinner Hervé Cubizolle, André-Marie Dendievel &
Jean Nicolas Haas
Massif Central (France) 2017  
W. Tinner Fabian Rey, Christoph Schwörer & Erika Gobet Western Switzerland 2016  
W. Tinner Klaus Oeggl & Jean Nicolas Haas Trentino / South Tyrol / Lower Engadine / Salzburg / Tyrol 2015 32
W. Tinner Felix Bittmann, Karl-Ernst Behre, Steffen Wolters Lower Saxony / Germany 2014 28
W. Tinner Cathy Whitlock, Teresa Krause, Caitlyn Florentine Yellowstone 2013 30
W. Tinner John Birks, Hilary Birks, Vivian Felde, Anne Bjune Norway 2012 31
W. Tinner K. Milecka, G. Kowalewski, M. Galka North-Eastern Poland 2011


W. Tinner C. Calò, E. Vescovi, T. La Mantia, S. Pasta Sicily and Pantelleria 2010 42
W. Tinner S. Mooney Eastern Australia (NSW) 2009 12
W. Tinner P. Pokorný, P. Kuneš et al. Czech Republic 2008 30
W. Tinner M. Magny, B. Vannière Central Jura and Morvan mountains 2007 30
B. Ammann E. Vescovi, D. Colombaroli, W. Tinner, P. Kaltenrieder  Northern and Central Italy 2006 36
B. Ammann J.N. Haas, K. Oeggl Tyrol  2005 20
B. Ammann T. Koff, M. Kangur, J.-M. Punning et al.  Estonia 2004 45
B. Ammann W. Tinner , C. Ravazzi Switzerland and Northern Italy 2003 30
B. Ammann H.J.B. Birks, H.H. Birks, A. Bjune, G. Clarke et al. Norway  2002 40
B. Ammann M. Latalowa, K. Tobolski et al. Western Poland 2001 26
B. Ammann L. Wick, K. Oeggl, C. Ravazzi Southern Alps  2000 37
B. Ammann B. van Geel, M. Joosten The Netherlands 1999 30
B. Ammann J.N. Haas, J. McAndrews Ontario (Canada) 1998 26
B. Ammann A. F. Lotter et al. Switzerland  1997 32
B. Ammann T. Litt, J. Kalis, S. Schloss, A. Hölzer et al. Germany 1996 20
B. Ammann B. Aaby, S.Th. Andersen, K. Dalsgaard, P.F. Møller, B. Odgaard, P. Rasmussen Denmark 1995 30
B. Ammann S. Bortenschlager, R. Krisai, K. Oeggl et al. Austrian Alps 1994 43
B. Ammann A.F. Lotter, Ph. Hadorn, M. Küttel, J. van Leeuwen Switzerland (Mittelland) 1993 30
B. Ammann H.J.B. Birks, H.H. Birks, H.A. Austin Scotland (Isle of Skye) 1992 22
B. Ammann R. Janssen, J. van Leeuwen,  W.O. van der Knaap, et al. Portugal 1991 27
B. Ammann M. Reille France (Massif Central) 1990 27
G. Lang M. O'Connell Ireland 1989 20
G. Lang G. Lang, A. Hölzer, C-R. Janssen Germany (Schwarzwald) 1988 24
G. Lang S. Wegmüller, L. Wick, M. Küttel, A.F. Lotter Switzerland (Ostschweiz) 1987 24
G. Lang J. Fäh, K. Bieri-Steck Corsica 1986 15
G. Lang S. Wegmüller Switzerland (Bodensee) 1985 23
G. Lang H. Zoller Switzerland 1984 20
G. Lang H-J. Beug Germany 1983 20
G. Lang K-E. Behre, S. Wegmüller Northern Germany 1982 24
G. Lang S. Wegmüller, C. Burga Switzerland (S.Bernardino) 1980 15
G. Lang S. Wegmüller, J.-L. de Beaulieu  France (Western Alps) 1979 17
G. Lang S. Wegmüller, P. Wegmüller Switzerland (Ostschweiz) 1978 10
G. Lang S. Wegmüller Germany (Schwarzwald) 1977 10
G. Lang G. Lang Germany (Schwarzwald) 1976 10
  En route
 Prof. G. Lang on an excursion in 1977