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Brigitta Ammann

Prof. em. Dr. Brigitta Ammann

e-mail Brigitta.Ammann@ips.unibe.ch
internet http://www.botany.unibe.ch/emeriti/paleo.php

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  • Some important biological processes are too slow for our observations and experimentation (e.g. for 3-year project funding), such as changes in species composition of forests, species migration, and soil formation. Therefore we need paleoecology.

  • Biotic responses to past climatic changes (CC) need to be understood for testing models and their predictions about future CC, because CC in the past was (in some cases) of higher amplitude and higher rate of change than what we know from meteorological records.

  • Mountain ecosystems provide great opportunities to study the interplay between species assemblages and environmental conditions (e.g. climate or soils), because in mountains the environmental gradients are steep. Both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems respond to these gradients and their changes over time.

2016 2014
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  • Ammann, B
    Reconstruction of vegetation as a tool to understand resources of the past
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2003 2002
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