Introduction to Pollen Analysis

Petra Kaltenrieder, Peter von Ballmoos et al.

Illustrated Key
Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology
Edited by Peter Hoen


The pollen identification keys and the terminology used by palynologists are quite complicated and can be intimidating to beginners and non-specialists at first. This pollen key, along with an introduction to the basics of Palynology, a glossary and a list of references, was developed for the students of the Institute of Plant Sciences of the University of Berne, Switzerland as an introduction to palynology.
The illustrated key comprises 44 important pollen- and spore-types that can be found deposited in Quaternary sediments in Switzerland. One or more light-microscope pictures are available for each pollen or spore type. Several possible names are given, from which the appropriate name should be chosen. Once the pollen type has been identified correctly, a list of the morphological features used for the identification of the pollen type is shown. This list is intended as a learning aid.

We hope to make Palynology, as well as the related topics of vegetation- and climate-history, more easily accessible to beginners and non-specialists.  

So, have fun!


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