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PD Dr. Andreas Stampfli

University of Bern
Altenbergrain 21
CH-3013 Bern
phone +41 31 631 49 33
fax +41 31 631 49 42
e-mail Andreas.Stampfli@ips.unibe.ch

Postdoc researcher
Dr. Michaela Zeiter

Research Focus

Changes in land use and climatic variation affect semi-natural meadows. We are interested in the variability of structure and productivity across time and the mechanisms by which plant species with different life history traits regenerate and maintain species rich communities. Our observations and experiments are based on measurements in the field. Three long-term study sites are located in the Southern Alps. We run complementary studies on soil seed banks and growth of seedlings from different origin in a laboratory in the Botanical Garden Bern.


Automated instruments control the input of rain water to the meadow plots
Numerous plants flower in the third year after sowing
After 16 years of resumed mowing, Brachypodium pinnatum still dominates in this formerly abandoned meadow
Influence of drought on regeneration and vegetation change
(Swiss NSF grants 31-100612, 31-112639)

In the context of global climatic change ecologists expect that radical or irreversible vegetation changes, involving local extinctions and invasions, are most likely to follow extreme events.

Regeneration and long-term dynamics in grasslands of southern Switzerland
(Swiss NSF grant 31-55917.98)

Throughout Europe changes in land use have affected the plant species composition of meadows. This has led to an increased interest in processes which allow many species to regenerate and maintain species-rich meadows.

Vegetation dynamics in meadows and abandoned grasslands
(Swiss NSF grant 31-41922.94)

During a period of 10 years, from 1988 to 1997, we monitored the species composition in dry grasslands of high species richness at experimental sites in the ‘lower montane zone’ of the southern Alps in Switzerland.


List of publications

Peer-reviewed Articles

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Other Articles

Refereed Book Chapters

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People trained

Dissertation theses

  • Zeiter Michaela 2005. Regeneration by seed in semi-natural grasslands. Inauguraldissertation Universität Bern.

Diploma thesis

  • Schärer Sara 2006. Effect of seasonal droughts on reproductive output of a grassland community in Southern Switzerland.
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